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shinji kato president

Shinji KatoPresident

 Softes Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 when Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was just beginning to take hold in Japan, and for more than two decades since, we have established a strong track record as SAP specialists. Before, business systems were thought of as something that the IT department developed for the business departments, and that the business departments would simply operate these systems. But even back when this was the norm, we re-examined the methodology and felt that the business side should gain a deeper understanding of the systems and help build the best suited solution to move the business forward. This led to the establishment of our exclusive User-Direct Methodology® for system implementation. In light of fiercer market competition based on the use of IT in recent years, we took our Business Design approach that incorporates business aims and objectives and built it into our upstream development processes, thereby making our system implementation methods better contribute to management.
 Since our establishment we have adhered to a strong mission. Based on the firm belief that SAP ERP offers the very best solutions, we aim to be professionals always in possession of the latest skills and expertise; to be user-oriented in any and every situation to provide the best possible services for our customer systems. In addition to this mission, we created the SAP User Summit in 2009 to form a community among our customers, and in 2013 we expanded our services to new technical fields like cloud computing and in-memory databases. Since 2016, we have entered into tie-ups with new SAP system partners in the ASEAN region and Europe to form a global service structure, and in recent years, we have begun services for newly implementing or migrating to SAP S/4HANA and expanded the various types of complementary solutions we offer. This will make us grow and be fully prepared to meet the needs of the next generation businesses.
 Not being bound to common norms and always asking ourselves, “What is truly right?” in our quest to get to the bottom of each issue is a long-held tradition and spirit at Softes. We get to the core of an issue and address it with rational, practical solutions pursued with unflagging sincerity. With this spirit as our guide, Softes is committed to the challenge of offering ever-higher quality services and expanding into a growing range of fields and businesses.

Our Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy
We aim to contribute to the growth of our clients and strive for the physical and emotional well-being of our employees by providing quality services for mission-critical enterprise systems.
To strive to be an internationally active firm that respects individuality and the quest for knowledge, provide original and high-quality business value to our clients and consistently develop business innovation for creating wealth and solid growth.

Softes Guiding Principles

Be a Challenger
  • The spirit to take on challenges
  • brightens up life
Be Sincere
  • A sincere heart and mind
  • strengthens life
Be Confident
  • Independence based on
  • confidence enriches life
 Brand Slogan 

Corporate Profile

Company NameSoftes Co., Ltd.
FoundedSeptember 1997
RepresentativePresident Shinji Kato
Capital100 million yen
Number of Employees163 (as of April 2022)
Main Business ActivitiesConsulting services for SAP systems
CertificationsSAP Gold Partner
AWS Select Tier Services Partner
ISO9001 / ISO27001 / PrivacyMark
OfficesHeadquarters (Hamamatsu Office) :
9th fl., Entetsu Tamachi Building,330-5
Tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi,
Shizuoka Prefecture, 430-0944, Japan
Tokyo Office:
8th fl., Yurakucho Denki Building (North),1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006, Japan
Headquarters (Hamamatsu Office)
Tokyo Office

Business Partners

  • SAP
  • westernacher
  • aws
  • k&k

List of Clients (in random order)

◆ Over 180 Clients
Nissan Motor Corporation, Topcon Corporation, Kracie Holdings, Ltd., Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd., Azbil Corporation, Toyota Industries Corporation, Roland DG Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Sumitomo Joint Electric Power Co., Ltd., Nidec Corporation, NHK SPRING CO., LTD., GC Corporation, Seed Co., Ltd., Sala Business Solutions Inc., Nichirin Co., Ltd., Shofu Inc., Ushio Inc., Nikkiso Co., Ltd., NEC Platforms, Ltd., National Institute for Environmental Studies, J. Morita Corp., IHI Corporation, Nikken Foods Co., Ltd., Renesas Electronics Corporation, Seirei Social Welfare Community, and many others


1997 Sep. Established Softes Co., Ltd. in Wada, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture by former Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. employees
Oct. Signed an SAP ERP Implementation Service Agreement with SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
Nov. Signed a Business Solution Provider Agreement with SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
1998 Jan. Established Softes SAP ERP Implementation Methodology (currently referred to as User-Direct Methodology®)
Apr. Started SAP ERP consulting service for accounting and logistics
1999 Jan. Started sales and maintenance of SAP ERP standard add-on library
June. Moved headquarters to Tamachi, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture
2000 Feb. Our customer, GC Corporation was awarded grand prize in 4th Information Systems Award sponsored by Nikkei Computer magazine
2001 Apr. Started SAP ERP Basis consulting service
Sep. Started sales of web-based accounting document entry system (Rakuraku Accounting Document Entry System)
Nov. Established Tokyo office in Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
2004 Mar. Started overseas project service
Sep. Assisted in local rollout of global template (SAP ERP) for a multinational electronic component manufacturer
2005 July. Moved Tokyo office to World Trade Center Building, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
2007 Jan. Published book: Innovate your Business by Implementing ERP through User-DirectMethodology
Feb. Received 2007 SAP AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Service Partner Award from SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
2008 Apr. Started sales of IFRS-compatible New Lease Accounting Solution
2009 May. Held the 1st SAP User Summit 2009
June. Started our SAP System Operational Support
2010 Feb. Received 2010 SAP AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Service Partner Award from SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
Apr. Started sales of IFRS-compatible Asset Retirement Obligations Solution
Apr. Total number of SAP implementation projects reaches 30 companies
May. Received certification from SAP AG for our Rakuraku Workflow Web System
Aug. Acquired ISO 9001 quality management/ISO 27001 information security management certification
Oct. Published book: Transforming Your Company with SAP ERP: An Introduction for Company Presidents
2011 Feb. Received 2011 SAP AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Service Partner Award from SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
Dec. Started SAP BPC implementation service and sales of SAP BPC installation template
2012 Feb. Received 2012 SAP AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: SAP Contribution Award from SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
Apr. Total number of corporate clients reaches 100 companies
2013 Jan. Acquired SAP RDS certification for SAP BPC installation template PSI Integrated Planning and Supply and Demand Adjustment Model
Feb. Started AWS™ implementation service
2014 Mar. Received 2014 SAP AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Project Award from SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
2015 Apr. Started SAP System Operation Outsourcing service
Sep. Concluded business tie-up with K&K Solution Inc.
2016 Apr. Signed a Channel Partner Agreement for SAP Business One
May. Concluded business tie-up with SAP Service Partner Astrums Consulting Pte. Ltd. in the ASEAN region
2017 Apr. Concluded business tie-up with SAP Service Partner Information Technology Total Services Corp. in China and Taiwan region
Apr. Concluded business tie-up with SAP Service Partner SOE Technology Inc. in China and Taiwan region
2018 July. Moved Tokyo office to Yurakucho Denki Building, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Aug. Received Distinguished Service Award from SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
2019 Jan. Published book: A Collection of SAP ERP Operation Hints: Report of the SAP® User Summit – IT Conference in the Green –
Nov. Concluded business tie-up with SAP Service Partner Westernacher Consulting in Germany
2021 July. Published book: Management Innovations with SAP ERP and DX: Using Data and Digital Technologies
2022 Mar. Received 2022 SAP AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: SAP S/4HANA Movement Award from SAP Japan Co., Ltd.